Domestic and other types of violence

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Mapping changes in domestic and other types of violence during Covid-19

Sanne Boersma en Amade M’charek Universiteit van Amsterdam, afdeling Antropologie en Ben Sajet Centrum

This subproject consists of collaborations with the organisation Veilig Thuis Amsterdam Amstelland and with the Amsterdam Police to map domestic problems that occur in social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to standard reports of domestic violence (broadly defined), these organisations report a risk of possibly increasing domestic violence cases and related problems due to the temporary loss of social networks, everyday contexts (school, work) and social interactions with people outside the family home.

Researchers from the Department of Anthropology have in the context of an ongoing project ERC Consolidator Project “Race, Face I.D.” established relationships with these institutions. In this project we will map and analyse the quantitative data that Veilig Thuis and the Police Meldkamer receive on a weekly basis, according to pre-established protocols. To contextualise these numbers we will conduct qualitative weekly telephone interviews with professionals of Veilig Thuis Amsterdam Amstelland and with professionals of the Amsterdam Police. Additional interviews will be conducted with general practitioners and teachers who report cases to Veilig Thuis as well as members of organisations, such as Bureau Jeugdzorg, GGZ or Ouder- en Kind Teams to whom Veilig thuis reports cases. The qualitative interviews will allow us to identify the stories behind the data and to collect additional experiences of problems and needs that are not reflected in the quantitative data.

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